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MediaBlaze Hosts is an Authorized Partner of GlobalSign, the truly global SSL provider. GlobalSign is a WebTrust accredited Certification Authority (CA) and has been issuing Digital Certificates since 1996.  Together we offer a range of highly credible trusted SSL Certificates to secure your website using the strongest encryption technologies available today.

SSL should be used to secure all your website transactions, logins, webmail and connections.  By using the strongest levels of security, you will increase confidence and trust in your online brand, increase your conversions, and ultimately increase your revenues. 





GlobalSign's SSL Certificates offer the strongest encryption and value-add features to

ensure your website is protected and meets the demands of today's modern sites.

Customers and visitors to your site will know that their browsing session is safe, and

that payment details and personal information is kept secure and encrypted.

All GlobalSign SSL Certificates come with the following sub-domains FREE! of charge:




Domain SSL

Quick issuance SSL Certificate

with true 128bit - 256bit strong encryption.

Trusted by all browsers and devices - SSL without any fuss!

No paperwork needed

Issued in minutes

Clickable Secure Site Seal

Easily deployed to your MediaBlazde Hosts shared web hosting plan

$10,000 Warranty

Organisation SSL

Pro level SSL Certificate

with true 128bit - 256bit encryption.

Full organization vetting provides higher levels of trust.

Full business validation

Issued in two business days

Clickable Secure Site Seal

Easily deployed to your MediaBlazde Hosts shared web hosting plan

$1,250,000 Warranty


Extended SSL

The highest level of SSL trust

Visitors see the green bar. Enhanced trust means enhanced sales. 

The same level of validation used by most major international online brands.

Extended business validation

Activates the Green Address Bar

Clickable Secure Site Seal

Helps increase visitor-to-customer conversion rates

$1,500,000 Warranty